AngularJS === Angular Just Sucks

Rants about AngularJS.

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AngularJS is becoming the de facto standard, if you go with the flow then you’re probably going to use it.

It reminds me of two old stories: The Emperor’s New Clothes and Stone Soup.

In each of the stories swindlers fool the public by generating very effective hype.

In the end, after everybody joins in, they even get some edible soup (usable code).

AngularJS is the first framework I’ve seen where fellow developers encourage each other to “push through the anger”.

While coding angular I find myself fed up every couple of hours. I want to yell out WHY Miško? Why do you over complicate every simple thing?

This is a place to vent anger at angular. Please comment. I hope it will help you to push through the anger with the rest of us.

13 thoughts on “AngularJS === Angular Just Sucks

  1. Where’s my type safety? Where’s my JPA/Hibernate lazy loading that I got with Java server size web UI devlopment? Why do I throw out 2 decades of OOP: encapsulation, (proper) inheritance and polymorphism (the key DRY enabler) when I convert my objects into JSON and pass them up the pipe to the browser which would rather poke me with a long, hot === than help me write proper code.

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  2. Seems like these so called ‘front end’ guys always try to complicate things. As if keeping it simple stupid just isn’t good enough, because like, we’re smart, and you’re an idiot, so we have to be stupid and make it ridiculous. I’ve only briefly looked into Angular and thought, that’s it. Another tada! Hello World! WTF??? It took all that code to produce the end result, and it’s Hello FUCKING World?!?! Stop it! Just STOP IT!!

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  3. I’ve been trying to learn AngularJS myself in the last 2 weeks; and the only reason that I did that is due to the fact that I see so many articles about it being the second most popular framework after jQuery; and right now I am so confused with all the directives, filters, controllers, scopes, resources, services, etc., etc.

    I also remember the first time that I learned jQuery; within half an hour, I knew what the framework is about, and how awesome it is. It was like finding a gold nugget. I just wanted to play with it more and more.

    With AngularJS, all I’m thinking about is am I wasting my time on this framework? I think I totally agree that Angular sucks and that this is probably another dead end framework. Who wants to work with such a convoluted framework with all its spaghetti programming. One of the first things they teach in universities is to avoid spaghetti programming. I guess AngularJS developers weren’t paying attention when they were learning how to do clean programming.

    I just can’t imagine a real world, easily maintainable application based on AngularJS. On your team, you lose people, and new people have to learn the code fast and be able to become productive fast. There is no way that an application that is based on AngularJS would be easily maintainable or easily understood. In fact vanilla JavaScript is far more understandable than AngularJS.

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  4. OMG this post really summarizes how I feel about this library. Why take what jQuery did and make it complicated? Do you know how much time I wasted on a simple HTTP Request that I could have completed in 1 minute with jQuery? After reading some very unhelpful comments online, I found one forum that listed all the code I have to write to make the AngularJS HTTP POST work like jQuery. WHY????? Now I’m ditching the AngularJS $post for jquery. So far all the awesome features of Angular have been thrown out the window for me.. it’s such a waste of time when you’re super busy to learn some of these new libraries.

    OMG I could have spent all this time working on something productive that doesn’t already exist everywhere. It’d have been faster if I just used plain JavaScript without any damned libraries.

    Ugh so sick of these libraries and all these people looking for buzzwords. I usually put them all on my resume for shits and giggles but people take it seriously…….. :/

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  5. Angular is so bad that even step 7 of the tutorial doesn’t work. Wrote a bunch of code, on my tablet then my computer. All it produced is a blank screen and no JavaScript errors in the console which means it’s not my fault and Angut is just not doing its job


  6. Angular is so bad that step 7 of the tutorial doesn’t work. I wrote a Buchanan of code on my tablet then tried on my computer. All I got was a blank screen and no JavaScript errors which means that it’s not my fault and Angular is just not doing its job.

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  7. Script kiddies are ruining the internet with these front-end libraries. Javascript isn’t complicated. Learn to use it in an OO way with some jQuery to shorten things up. The end.

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  8. Can we please just get back to writing good JavaScript!? The language is maturing and browsers are settling on standards that are mostly implemented to support the new language features.

    WTF with all these new frameworks that simply obscure the beautiful simplicity of JavasScript?

    I took one look at Angular and said, “do you think I’m fucking stupid”, no thanks.

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  9. Well it’s not a library, it’s a framework, and yes I do agree, it sucks. Just what it does to the markup alone is reason enough for me. I also hate the idea of controlling scope from within the UI. It’s quite arbitrary. Scope is for procedural code only, it has no business in structural markup.


  10. So what if the separation of concerns was actually important? Angular responds, “No, no, because being OPINIONATED in a framework fixes that. It fixes EVERYTHING, except when it doesn’t, so that’s why we should rewrite the WHOLE DANG THING! It may break every bit of code that uses the first version, but it will FIX EVERYTHING… AGAIN!”

    Stupid hipster coders who abandon good CS ideals cause they wanna be cool… bah!

    Do I sound like a bitter old programmer with an axe to grind? Maybe, but then…

    …tell me if any sane programmer would choose this:
    1) Your business logic lives in the view.
    2) Your data is tightly coupled to the view.
    3) If you need to decouple your data and your view, you have to go to extra effort to do so.
    4) Almost no other libraries will integrate and require wrappers to do so in most cases.
    5) It is hard to do anything beyond the common use case, requiring a lot of extra effort for edge cases.
    6) The modules and API change, even in minor version numbers.

    But with Angular we’ve picked it because it held out the false promise that two-way data binding would solve all our problems. In fact it just re-created all the same problems from every other attempt at two way data binding. It ends up complex, tightly coupled, and increasingly difficult to maintain.

    Between this mess and having to write more boilerplate code, I take the later any day.

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  11. I did never understand why Angular had to be there. Maybe because I am working with “Razor”. Ok they are server pages. Yes, I send the whole page over the line. But the advantages are big, very big. I can develop easily pages that “Just work”. With the new “Razor pages” from Microsoft things even become more productive.

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